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Alongame can be hard to describe, as a project – the vast majority of things I’m involved in often are – and sometimes the best job I’ve done is just sharing where the initial seed for the idea came from. So, a very brief story about my favourite place to walk during Winter lockdown…

In Battersea Park, there’s a small wooden bridge, near the centre of the park, where the edges of the lake come incredibly close to each other. The bridge is almost perfectly positioned to let you think, briefly, that you’re not in London. That you’re in the middle of some rural spot, far away from people.

If you go to the bridge at dusk, then – across the lake and past a variety of trees and hedges and so on – you can see yellow lights from a row of streets. Like some village or suchlike that’s far enough away that it’s not crowding you, but close enough to rest at if you needed. Of course, the moment you move, the illusion’s gone – the street’s hidden or you’re too close and you can see it’s London again.

But, standing there at the right time, it really can feel like you’re somewhere else. Somewhere quieter, oddly welcoming, and a little wild. And in lockdown I *really* needed that.

So, from discovering that spot in January, I kept wondering about some other world, that could be seen out of the corner of the eye. Which became wondering about building that world, which became wondering about lots of people independently but collectively building it, and so on. Which has ended up here.

A lot of things I’ve done have involved having faith in the creativity, ideas and generosity people bring to stories and spaces when you give them the opportunity to be involved. And I’m so excited to see where that leads with Alongame.

One thought on “Where Alongame started

  1. It’s a good time to be weird.

    As an old weird person, I heartily welcome my fellow tribal members.


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