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A map, with a note attached:

Beware the Heart of the city, you’ll find no rest or peace there. Stick to the outer reaches, northwest is best. Find refuge in the mountains, but avoid crowds.

A cairn, telling this story:

In the middle of a field near a river, lies the overgrown ruins of a small cottage. At what used to be the front door is a cairn, a monument to the old hedge witch who used to live here

She had be cast out of her village due to a misunderstanding. She found this peaceful place in the middle of a meadow and made it her home. She used her magics to hid herself from those meant her harm, but made sure that those who needed her could always find her. 

Over the next few years, those in need would find themselves in the fields, drawn by peaceful tune carried on the wind. The song lead them to the cottage, where they could stay with the witch for as long as they needed.

Eventually, it was time for the old witch to pass on. Her final guest did what they could to ease her passing. Afterwards they built the cairn as a monument to a witch who, even though she was an outcast, still did everything she could to help those in need.

Some of her magic still lingers, making this a place of refuge for those who need it.

Notes on an acquaintance:

I met an old man by the name of Potter. He was lazily fishing as I was walking along the river. He instantly recognized me as a traveller and friend. He share a story of the bridge that crosses the river, and how it can be used to cross to many places and times, if one had the knack for it. He was a kind man, full of life and warmth. We spent some time just sitting by the river and enjoying the peace of nature.

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