Creative Team

Alongame is made possible by a team of creatives and makers from across theatre and gaming. The core team is made up of Thryn Henderson, Mo Holkar, Chloe Mashiter, Hannah Raymond-Cox and Isa S-A.

Thryn Henderson (they/them)

Creative Team Member

Twitter: @thairyn

Thryn is a non-binary game designer, performer and crafts person skulking round the North. They make videogames, live games, ttrpgs and larps – mostly exploring weirdness, ritual, fabulism, and concept fantasy. They’re also half of the Furtive Shambles crew behind the Shambles games events, Small Town Skeletons, and RYNE.

Mo Holkar (he/him)

Creative Team Member

Twitter: @mo_holkar

Mo Holkar is a UK-based larp designer who’s particularly interested in games as spaces for creativity. His own larp designs, writings, etc can mostly be found at, and he’s also part of the Larps on Location creative team. He’s an organiser of The Smoke and The Game Kitchen, and an editor at Nordic Larp.

Chloe Mashiter (she/they)

Lead Creative

Twitter: @chloemashiter

Chloe is an agender theatre- and game-maker, specialising in interactive, immersive and game-based performance. They publish ttrpgs and larps as roll / flip / draw and are an Associate Artist at Coney. Their work spans megagames (Republic for Upstart Theatre), street games (various for Fire Hazard games) and game-like immersive shows (Crisis, What Crisis? for Parabolic Theatre).

Hannah Raymond-Cox (she/her)

Creative Team Member

Twitter: @challahoutloud

Hannah Raymond-Cox is a Hong-Kong born writer, poet, and actor who’s been working in immersive and interactive media for 7 years. Her game-focused work includes writing, developing, and performing in projects ranging from 5 star immersive/interactive episodic gamified theatre to games based on Totally Stabbing Caesar. She’s currently working on an interactive digital and physical poetry installation game in her capacity as recipient of Creative Youth Development Award. Highlights of her portfolio career include: two commissioned poems by the Southbank Centre and National Poetry Library, a Poetic Choose Your Own Adventure Tour of St Andrews, and her debut book published by Burning Eye Books (and its associated national tour). 

Isa S-A (she/her)

Creative Team Member

Twitter/Instagram: @EvilCleverDog


Isa works primarily as a designer and creative producer for stage and film. She has co-founded her own production company – After Eden Productions  – as well as had work showcased in venues such as the National Theatre, Royal Exchange, Stratford Circus, Jackson’s Lane and The Kiln. She also does professional cosplay work and content creation, utilising her background in design for performance. More recently, she has also taken up streaming TTRPGs, and has played in permanent and guesting roles on multiple TTRPG podcasts and livestreams.

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